The Rev. Ebenezer Parkman (1703-1782) served as the first minister of Westborough, Massachusetts, from 1724 until his death. Throughout his ministry, he kept records for the church, made regular entries in his diary, wrote sermons, kept up an extensive correspondence, and served as clerk of the Marlborough Association of Ministers. Parkman’s extensive extant manuscripts, only some of which have been published, and the records of the town of Westborough provide one of the most complete pictures of life in a rural New England town during the colonial period.

This website–created by the Westborough Center for History and Culture at the Westborough Public Library–attempts to centralize access to all of Parkman’s extant writings and provide resources for researching and understanding his work and place in America’s colonial history. The work of Prof. Ross W. Beales, Jr., who has dedicated much of his academic career to studying Parkman, sits at the core of this project.

Links to the Writings of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman: