The People of Westborough during Parkman’s Time

This page offers biographical information, relations, confessions, and other documents relating to some of the people who lived in and around Westborough during the time that Rev. Ebenezer Parkman was alive. Most, if not all, of them appear in his diary. These profiles provide a context for better understanding the interactions between Westborough and Parkman.

This list includes only a few of the very many people whom Parkman mentioned in his diary.  Readers who are searching for information about specific individuals or families are encouraged to use the search function for the diary (which is available in the panel on the right side of the web page).

Also visit the Diary Themes: People, Topics, and Animals, Crops, and Food to learn more about Westborough and its environs through specific entries in Parkman’s Diary. Also see Useful Resources for Researching Parkman and Westborough and Scholarship on Parkman.